Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Sneak Peek Design when so many contractors offer free design advice as part of their bid service?

While a contractor may be able to draw a set of building plans, our experienced designers are specialists who are trained to use space efficiently, and are educated in all the newest products available. Contractors generally tend to fill a client’s requests in the most straightforward manner possible, keeping things simple to avoid confusion or spending any more time than is necessary. Getting the job and building it are their top priorities. Your Sneak Peek designer will sit down with you and work out your design puzzle in its entirety, with the emphasis on finding the best solution rather than the most obvious.

I am on a tight budget, isn’t hiring a designer expensive?

Not at all. In addition to saving time and effort, it often saves you money. Most remodeling contractors recognize that detailed plans with full specifications and interpretive drawings result in a smooth-running project. Having hammered out what you want will save the contractor from the potential barrage of change-orders, time and money overruns, and bad feelings on both sides. If you decide to obtain multiple bids, everyone is bidding on exactly the same set of plans.

So, when should I call Sneak Peek Design? Do I need to know precisely what I want?

Ideally we want to meet fairly early in the project’s planning process, however, any time prior to construction is an appropriate time to contact us. All we need is a basic idea of what you’d like to accomplish. Thorough questioning by your designer to help determine even your hidden wants and needs is a very important part of the process. Your feedback along with the creative solutions and suggestions we offer may even inspire you to look at your project in a whole different light.

A chic black and white bar is a great backyard addition