Mudroom Inspiration

Must-Haves for Transitioning to Spring

Spring brings sunnier days, the reopening of restaurant patios, and an explosion of greenery and blooms across the city. But, in the midst of these seasonal wonders comes plenty of mud and rain – which means that with kids, pets, and more, that can all get tracked through your home and cause endless Continue Reading

How to Update Your 1990s-era Kitchen

Swapping Out Old Trends for Contemporary Style 

Though the 1990s doesn’t seem too far in the past, the home styles of that decade were distinct and didn’t exactly land in the “timeless” category. From ultra-earthy tones to oak cabinets, if you’ve got a kitchen that was finished in the heyday of that time period, you’re probably dying Continue Reading

The Challenge of His & Hers

How to Combine Two Different Styles in Your Home

Cohabiting with a significant other is a great experience, but it can also come with a few bumps in the road – especially if you each have distinctly different living styles. If one person loves a more refined and traditional look, but the other prefers sleek and modern finishes, well, you just Continue Reading

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