Why You Absolutely Need 3D Design for Your Remodel

Final result of the basement bar remodel in Chaska. The final design includes white tile backsplash, a dark kitchen island with a white countertop, and stylish bar stools.

How 3D Design Makes the Design Process Less Stressful

By Megan Johansson

3D design is essential to the remodeling process. We’ve all heard horror stories about remodels gone wrong. The clients and designers have a certain concept in mind, but when it comes time for the contractors to do their thing and make it come to life, that vision somehow gets skewed (and the homeowners are either left with a design they never wanted, or they end up spending way more money than planned in order to fix the issue).

So why do these things happen? The problem, it turns out, is that traditional 2D designs don’t always translate precisely into execution. You can sketch out your dream plan all you want, but unless you and your contractors can see it from every angle and understand how it relates to the rest of the room, you could be stuck with a big (and costly) mistake. Nobody wants that kind of situation.

That’s where 3D design comes in. Why stick with 2D when 3D gives you so many more options to create and plan?! It’s a must have when it comes to updating your home. Here’s why:

Instant visualization

2D drawings have visual limitations. Unless you’re used to working with them on a daily basis, it can be really difficult to imagine what a design will actually look like in person (which can make giving the go ahead for implementation difficult if you’re not 100% on board or in full understanding of all of the design terms and elements). 3D rendering makes it possible to do a full walk through and view the ins and outs of your entire space.

Changes are quick & easy

Let’s say you’re working on a kitchen renovation with your designer. You’ve got the bones of the design in place, but suddenly you have an idea – you want to open up the back wall and turn it into a bar. Voila! In just a few moments, your designer can flip the room around and turn that idea into a reality. This saves you time and money – no need to wait around for weeks for a revised set of plans to be completed or pay for yet another revision.

No more hemming and hawing over decisions

Selecting materials can be difficult – especially if you aren’t sure what they’ll look like in the actual space. Will that backsplash work with those granite countertops? Will the cabinets complement the wall color? Being able to view all of these components together in a 3D design of your space is essential. You’ll see right away if something isn’t right, and it can be adjusted right then and there to fit your vision.


Avoid errors in execution

Design concepts and ideas quickly come to life in 3D design, and you can rest easy knowing that your space will be exactly as you imagined it to be. No more failed attempts at translating the image in your mind to the contractors working on the job. Everyone is aware of and on board with the final intended result, and there’s no miscommunication or misinterpretation.

3D design makes renovations accessible to everyone involved. Here at Sneak Peek Design, we use 3D on every single one of our projects – and it makes the entire remodel process seamless. Plus, it doesn’t cost you a penny more than using 2D. We work with you to make the experience collaborative and productive, and using 3D allows us to make your ideas spring to life. Your space will go from flat and boring to colorful and interactive, and with that, you’ll be able to grasp each design concept immediately.

We all love quick results (it’s the side effect of living in our techie world, after all), which means that getting to see your space change instantaneously before your eyes gives you peace of mind (and keeps up your excitement throughout the remodel process). Choosing between bathroom tiles, cabinet hardware, and fireplace designs may have been a stressor before, but with the technology of 3D design, you’ll be selecting those babies like a total pro in no time.

P.S. Check out our clients’ testimonials here for their take on how the 3D process helped their remodels go off without a hitch!


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